Candy, Food, and Drink

Food is an important part of modern American pop culture, whether we realize it or not. How many of us grownups have sat up late with our friends, talking about which cereals we loved as kids? How many of us fondly remember certain candies from our youths, such as Snickers bars, pop rocks, moon pies, or the bubblegum that came with baseball cards? Kids in particular love candy and other sweets - their taste buds are still un-deadened by the bitter and hot foods that adults seem to enjoy. Read about some pop culture food items here.

Sir Grapefellow cereal Absinthe

video: Burger Chef Star Wars commercial from 1977

new video: Cheerios commercial from 1960


Classic cereal boxes - a gallery

Cool Whip

Cracker Jack

Freakies cereal

French fries

Funny Face drink mix


Hamburger Helper

A History of the American Salad

Icees & Slurpees

Irish Coffee

Jiffy Pop

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese




Pop Rocks


Sir Grapefellow and Baron Von Redberry


Tortilla Chips


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